Adweek’s 2019 Media Plan of the Year Winners; Tinder’s Adventure Game; Monday’s First Things First

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Adweek’s 2019 Media Plan of the Year Winners

When it comes to buying media, Adweek’s Media of the Year winners show that it’s not what you’ve got, it’s how you use it. From Wieden + Kennedy’s “Dream Crazy” to Droga5’s “Bleed for the Throne,” these agencies found clever ways to resonate with the coveted youth market. Did we miss anyone on the list?

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Healthcare Is Undergoing a Digital Revolution, Courtesy of Smart Devices

The saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But thanks to advances in technology, how we go to the doctor may soon look very different. Consider your Fitbit or Apple Watch. These health-wearable devices allow you to share your personal data with the health industry. Could they mean for a digital revolution and a rise in consumer engagement?

Read more: How smart devices are changing the face of the healthcare industry.

What Hispanic Consumers Want Brands to Do in Ads

The enthusiasm and demand for Latin music has exploded and now marketers need to become a larger part of the emerging cultural conversation across platforms. Music streaming service Pandora surveyed the cultural landscape and behavioral attitudes of the growing marketing of Hispanic consumers. According to the data, Hispanics live seamlessly in both Spanish and English-speaking ads.

Read more: Pandora breaks down what Hispanic consumers want brands to do in ads.

Swipe Right for Adventure

Tinder created an ingenious experience within its app, a swipable choose-your-own-adventure for users. Swipe Night debuted last night and will run each Sunday night on the app. Users must navigate through an apocalyptic scenario by swiping left and right at each decision point. Some of the choices are fluffy, while others veer into moral territory—for instance, at one point, users are asked to decide whether to help or ignore an injured man lying on the sidewalk.

Read more: Watch the trailer for the adventure that agency 72andSunny created.

Just Briefly: The Rest of Today’s Top Insights and News

Ad of the Day: Wieden + Kennedy Made Adorably Quirky Sprite Ads to Help Commuters Unwind in Rush Hour

If you’re stuck in a crowded train station or stalled in gridlock, can anything lift your spirits? Sprite and Wieden + Kennedy think they’re up to the challenge with their new “Fresh Drops” campaign.

Bringing an Instagram aesthetic to digital outdoor, the campaign features oddly enjoyable animations created by artists around the world. The result, the agency claims, is work that feels “like a sip of Sprite.”

Workplace Tip: How Agencies Do Employee Reviews

Adweek is focusing this week on how to review constructively conduct employee reviews and set goals. Interested in sharing how your company conducts review? Fill out our survey.

Rachel Hadley, president, Kite Hill PR

In an employee’s first year, there is a three-month and six-month mini-review. For all employees, we have a thorough annual review process which includes a manager review, self-evaluation, and 360-degree input from all team members. The review process is designed to provide feedback on both experience and expertise, as well as evaluation of our company values. The annual review is a celebration of the previous year, and all the employee accomplished and learned. We also take the opportunity to look ahead and provide input on what the employee needs to work on to continue to grow professionally.

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