Santander: Pony

Building on their ‘Respect Adds Up’ platform, which includes ‘Run Around’ and ‘Goose,’ Santander Bank and Arnold Worldwide debut a new spots, ‘Pony,’ rooted in findings that people are complacent with their banks because they actually expect to be slighted. Banking with Santander is different for all the right reasons, as the experience is built on the right solutions that cultivate respectful relationships with your banking provider. Santander wholeheartedly stands by its ‘Don’t put up with anything less – you deserve better” statement by showing the simple ways that a positive experience with a bank has the ability to shake people out of their banking inertia. ‘Pony’ continues the theme of flipping well-known idioms to get a laugh from the audience. Using humor as a message driver, Arnold and Santander honed in on key concerns consumers have with banks and redirected the narrative to positively highlight qualities that make Santander unique.

‘Pony’ features two actors having a conversation as a quirky singing pony interrupts them with one line over and over again. The one-trick pony distracted the consumer from the reality that her bank could not deliver the caliber of service that Santander can – a point driven home by her counterpart who’s a Santander client. The spot’s humorous take on an otherwise frustrating situation shows just how dedicated Santander is to showing potential, current and future clients the respect they deserve. A quick narration at the end drives home that the solutions Santander provides all ladder up to showing respect.

Video of Pony :30

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