Lena Waithe’s Favorite Spots in LA for Music, Meals and a ‘Cool Vibe’

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Ask people about eating in Los Angeles, and they’re bound to bring up In-N-Out Burger. Ask prolific writer, producer and actor Lena Waithe—whose first feature film, Queen & Slim, premieres next month—about L.A. eats, and she’ll present you with options ranging from a burger joint favored by celebs to a cafe run by a florist turned restaurateur. Throw a classic music store in the mix, and you’ve got Lena’s L.A.

Amoeba Music
I’m a cliché, but I really do love Amoeba. It’s just a really great place to walk around and waste some time and catch a vibe because I really have gotten into vinyl and records but, also, too, Amoeba has everything. It’s like, you know, movies and like posters and T-shirts and all kinds of shit. It’s so welcoming, and there’s so much in those walls—so much history.

My Two Cents
There’s this really dope restaurant that’s on Pico, owned and operated by a queer black woman, Chef Alisa. It’s some of the best food on the planet. It’s like hearty food, but she also has vegan spaghetti that’s amazing. Even the biggest meat lover will appreciate her vegan spaghetti.

Bloom & Plume
This is a new spot actually that’s across the street from where I used to live. There’s this guy—he is a florist originally, and the company is called Bloom & Plume. And next door, he has a coffee shop, which is phenomenal. And the coffee is good, they have cool food, it’s a cool vibe and it’s right next door to his florist spot. So you want to go get some flowers, some dope bouquets, you can do that and then go right next door and have some coffee or some matcha tea, which is really lit.

Burgers Never Say Die
Aziz [Ansari, the creator of Master of None] is a fan—a lot of famous people are. And it’s a dude who like started making burgers in his backyard and ultimately got a spot, and it’s amazing. I go there so much.

Jon & Vinny’s
Really great Italian food. I believe a woman is sort of running it now, and it’s just an amazing place and a lot of cool kids go hang out there.

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