Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich Is Back; Horror Movies You Have to Stream: Tuesday’s First Things First

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Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich Will Return This Sunday (While Chick-fil-A Is Closed)

It’s been two agonizing months for Popeyes fans. After the Great Chicken Sandwich War of 2019 exploded in August, the battle petered out as Popeyes restocked its chicken sandwich inventory. But finally, Popeyes is ready to dish out some greasy chicken love once again—and chose the perfect day to do it: Sunday. You know, the day that top competitor Chick-fil-A closes its doors every week.

Read more: Popeyes is taking precautions this time around to avoid running out of the ultra-popular food item.

HBO Max Is the Streaming Cornerstone of AT&T’s 3-Year Plan

Yesterday, streaming editor Kelsey Sutton did a deep dive on HBO Max’s biggest uncertainties, many of which will likely be answered during tonight’s WarnerMedia Day for investors. We did get a few answers during the AT&T earnings call about the company’s streaming plans, including confirmation that HBO Max will in fact be the foundation for AT&T’s streaming ambitions. The company also said it will sink $2 billion into HBO Max in 2020, hoping to drive subscriber numbers north of 50 million in the next five years.

Read more: See what else AT&T revealed about the company’s streaming ambitions.

S4 Capital’s MightyHive Continues to Hoard Ad Tech with Latest ‘Merger’

Martin Sorrell continues to wheel and deal his way to another advertising behemoth. The latest move came Monday when S4 Capital’s programmatic unit MightyHive has announced that it “merges with two companies” in the guise of U.K.-based ConversionsWorks plus Datalicious Korea both of whom will operate under the MightyHive name.

Read more: Sorrell explains how the acquisitions increase their capabilities on Google and Amazon.

8 Modern Horror Movies You Can Stream This Halloween

Odds are you have a ritual every Halloween. There’s probably some classic movie or special that you have to watch or else it’s truly not Halloween. Maybe you love It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown or the Halloween franchise. But what will be the next generation of classics? Web editor Eva Kis took a look at eight modern horror movies that viewers can find on streaming platforms and examined what makes them truly stand out as horror classics of the 2010s.

Read more: Check out the list, including the second-ever reference to the Babadook on Adweek.

Just Briefly: The Rest of the Today’s Top News and Insights

Ad of the Day: Droga5 London Made a Feature-Length German Art Film for a Microwavable Hamburger

How do you sell a hamburger—much less a microwavable hamburger—in Germany? Maybe national pride will do the trick?

Droga5 London decided to play up the iconic American food’s (possibly true) Hamburg origins by creating a full-length movie. Written in German. Which none of the creatives actually speaks.

How Do You Get Your Team Back on Track After a Set Back?

Brad Casper, CEO, OH Partners

Following a setback—a client changes directions, reduces budgets, or brings some work in-house—we center our attention on the team, not on the set back or what was lost. Rather, we focus on what we gained by working with the client: knowledge, case studies, successes and the likelihood we can parlay these experiences into other profitable new business. Generally speaking, we like to find the silver lining in most setbacks. My ultimate objective is to promote a culture at OH that is positive, and one that doesn’t cry over spilled milk. Keeping morale high internally is crucial to maintaining momentum within an agency.

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