The Best of Halloween Marketing; Apple’s OOH AirPod Ads: Thursday’s First Things First

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The Best of Halloween

In case you didn’t notice the 14 people dressed as Lil Nas X in “Old Town Road” during your commute, today is in fact Halloween (which is this newsletter writer’s favorite holiday). Marketers come up with all kinds of brilliant ideas for Halloween-themed ads and activations, so we’re going run down a few of our favorites from the past few years this morning.

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Exclusive: How Apple Used Dramatic Outdoor Ads for the Surprise Reveal of AirPods Pro

Apple and creative agency TBWAMedia Arts Lab revealed the AirPods Pro through a two-phase outdoor campaign. First, giant and unbranded images of dancers appeared in major global markets. After the AirPods Pro were announced, the images—some more than 40 feet in height—were updated to include the new devices in the dancers’ ears.

Read more: Creativity editor David Griner got the inside scoop on how Apple and TBWAMedia Arts Lab conceived and executed the campaign.

Streaming Chaos Is About to Begin

There’s been a flood of streaming news over the last couple weeks as Apple TV+ debuts tomorrow and Disney+ is coming in about two weeks. So here’s our latest coverage about the services as they sprint to scale up:

Best the Rest: Today’s Top News and Insights

Creativity Editor David Griner’s Favorite Halloween Ad: Mars’ “Bite Size Horror” Campaign

As a genre, horror is something the ad industry traditionally only waded into through the lens of satire and parody. You might get a spooky setup, but the payoff was always pretty upbeat and salesy.

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