Adweek’s Grand Brand Genius; John Legend Explains Crissy Teigen’s Creativity: Tuesday’s First Things First

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John Legend Gives Us A Peek Into Chrissy Teigen’s ‘Beautiful Mind’

During Adweek’s Brand Genius Awards gala at Brandweek, John Legend spoke to a crowd of 700 marketers about why brands flock to work with our Brand Visionary, Chrissy Teigen.

“You were always worried that brands would never hire someone as unpredictable, as unfiltered, as filthy-mouthed as you,” Legend said. “But then they all realized what I’ve known for years, that it would be a privilege and an honor for them to bask in your brilliance, your candor, your hilarity, your beautiful visionary mind.”

Before accepting the award, Teigen launched a new website,, which promptly crashed due to the sheer volume of fans trying to reach it.

Read more: Streaming editor Kelsey Sutton recapped both Legend’s and Teigen’s speeches at Brand Genius.

Related: We also spoke to the pair on the red carpet, where Teigen explained it’s not about being an influencer. It’s about being a brand ambassador.

Related: Former Amazon Marketing Chief Mike Benson Named Grand Brand Genius for 2019

Benson received Adweek’s Grand Brand Genius award for his exceptional work promoting Amazon Originals’ flagship programs. He worked with an in-house team and agency partners to conceive a variety of head-turning installations that pushed the envelope on experiential marketing.

Brandweek Magazine: Anheuser-Busch’s CMO on What the Heritage Beer Brand Is Doing to Compete in a Hard-Seltzer World

As White Claw became the most memeable alcohol on the planet (shout-out to this White Claw/Toy Story mashup on TikTok), Anheuser-Busch was pouring resources into innovation to stay on top of a rapidly evolving industry. That required adjustments across the board as AB-InBev introduced new products—think Bon & Viv, Natural Light Seltzer and Michelob Ultra Gold—created Draftline to take marketing in-house and evolved its marketing, often crossing into current events with Game of Thrones, Cleveland Browns Victory Fridges, Dwyane Wade’s retirement and more.

Read more: Learn how Anheuser-Busch, which accounts for almost half of the U.S. beer market, a $114.2 billion industry, adapted to the shifting beverage industry.

More stories from the latest issue of Brandweek magazine:

Facebook’s First Corporate Logo Is All About Differentiating the Company From the Platform

Even as Facebook’s brand suffers, the company continues to connect its name to the other platforms it owns. First, it rebranded Instagram and WhatsApp as “From Facebook,” leaving us to wonder if that move would help Facebook or hurt Instagram and Whatsapp. Yesterday, Facebook revealed its first corporate logo. Or should we say FACEBOOK? The company’s logo changes colors depending on the setting. For Instagram, it’s colored in the familiar yellow-purple-pink ombre. On, it comes in the familiar blue. On its own, it’s a neutral shade of gray.

Read more: We spoke with Facebook CMO Anthony Lucio and the company’s top designers to get the lowdown on the logo.

How Omnicom and Publicis Came Out on Top in the Disney Media Review

Disney’s global media review was one of the most closely watched pitches of the year. Omnicom and Publicis grabbed large parts of the business, but who was the real winner? Well, it depends on how you look at it. Publicis Groupe may have won a wide plurality of regions globally, but since the majority of the account spending is in the U.S., Omnicom still has the larger portion of the business by spending.

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