Tour Arby’s Steakhouse; Mariah Carey’s Christmas Spot: Friday’s First Things First

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Arby’s Opens a Steakhouse Named for LaDaninian Tomlinson

Who says fast food can’t be gourmet? To promote its new steak sandwiches, Arby’s is turning one its NYC locations into a steakhouse.  To sweeten the deal, the fast-food chain is bringing in former NFL player and Pro Football Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson. Naturally, there’s a catch—it only lasted for one day. So if you didn’t land an RSVP, we’ve got you covered with a quick look at the experiential pop-up.

Read more: Welcome to LaDainian Tomlinson’s steakhouse with Arby’s.

Where’s the Joy in Marketing?

During his very Ted Talk-like presentation at Brandweek, Heineken CMO Jonnie Cahill explain that analytics-driven approaches are “the timely, smart, efficient, right thing to do,” but expressed frustration that marketers are missing something that makes marketing magical: joy.

Elsewhere at Brandweek: ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke explained that TV metrics aren’t keeping up with consumers’ rapidly changing viewing habits. Walgreens’ global CMO gave five mantras for the modern marketer.

The Latest From the Voice Channel

From Nicole Ortiz, senior editor: The Voice channel is where we publish opinion and advice pieces from industry leaders and executives. Our aim is to provide insights and opinions on recent news and trends from the people who help shape advertising, marketing, media and tech.

Here are the latest stories from Adweek’s Voice Channel:

Nielsen Splits Up

The media measurement company Nielsen will spin off its market research and analytics business from its global media measurement business. Nielsen Global Media will focus on providing measurement metrics, including television ratings, to media and advertising clients. Nielsen Global Connect, the spun-off portion, will offer consumer packaged goods manufacturers and retailers data and analytics about market share and performance.

Read more: The two parts of the business had little in common, so David Kenny, Nielsen’s current CEO, explained the benefits of separating them into two different entities.

Best of the Rest: Today’s Top News and Insights

Ad of the Day: Don’t Get Between Mariah Carey and All She Wants for Christmas

In the Walkers potato chip spot, from London agency AMV BBDO, we see Carey performing her signature song, then defying her diva image by doling out generous gifts to the crew. But at the craft services table, a conflict is brewing.

Advice for Your 22-Year-Old Self

Estie Wassner, art director, Barker

1. Lean into your fears. When I decided on my BFA major and was undergoing a round of interviews. I had coffee with a professor and we discussed my recent change of heart. He pointed out that every fiber of my being was screaming, “advertising” and asked me why I didn’t just go for it. The world of advertising was intimidating and I was just afraid of failing at it. Identifying those very real fears liberated me from them.

2. Stop apologizing. This is a time in your life when a lot of people are going to have a lot of opinions, all of which they will bestow upon you, unsolicited. Take it or leave it. This is a time to play, to get your hands dirty in different projects, and to make mistakes. Know that it’s OK to have a POV, even at the bottom of the food chain, and stand by your decisions.

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