Cannabis Delivery Service Eaze Is Rolling Out a Data Platform

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As the CBD industry continues to mature, with ecommerce platforms opening up to merchants, the broader cannabis category—slated to reach $30 billion in sales by 2023—is undergoing a similar wave of change.

In order to better serve cannabis brands and dispensaries, a cottage industry of payment processors, compliance services and point-of-sale companies has sprung up. Eaze, a cannabis delivery service in California, is rolling out the Eaze Partner Portal, a customer relationship management platform for brands and dispensaries.

“The selling point there is we’re a technology platform with over 5 million deliveries under our belt,” said Megan Miller, svp of finance at Eaze. “So we have a great view of the cannabis customer.”

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The Eaze Partner Portal gives brands and dispensaries access to data around trending products by location, purchasing behaviors and performance marketing insights. Brands can then request marketing products and services from Eaze, such as co-branded billboards, events, sponsored blog posts and promotional materials. Dispensaries and other retailers can track inventory, sales performance and record keeping.

“We think about user demographics [being] beneficial to our brands’ partners so that they can play that forward into their product development,” Miller said. “On the depot side, they want to sell the product that they see selling well.”

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Information on the Eaze Partner Portal will also be presented in charts and graphs across a range of categories like customer retention. Clients can also download the data to conduct further research.

“We’ve tried to create a variety of reports that we believe are highly valuable across our partners, but also to enable partners to do their own analysis,” Miller said. “We want to be able to help drive much more data-based decision making throughout the ecosystem of cannabis.”

Eaze, which last year saw a 140% increase in customers, has the potential to grow further into a Shopify-like platform. Its business has also grown beyond cannabis with Eaze Wellness, a marketplace for CBD. In October, however, the company laid off about 20% of its workforce, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Eaze’s CEO, Jim Patterson, also stepped down at the same time; then-COO Rogelio Choy has taken on the chief executive role.

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