LA Rams CMO Ronalee Zarate-Bayani on Reimagining a Beloved Brand

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The Los Angeles Rams are in the middle of the NFL season, with a revised brand identity and a new stadium under construction. So a more appropriate question for Rams CMO Ronalee Zarate-Bayani would be: What’s not top of mind?

In our latest episode of Top of Mind, Zarate-Bayani talks about how she’s reimagining what the Rams brand experience will look like beginning in 2020, including creating the new uniforms and logo that will represent the NFL franchise for decades to come.

When it comes to innovation, she sees a big opportunity for marketers right now in the convergence of data-driven personalization and physical experiences. But that opportunity also brings new challenges—Zarate-Bayani notes that the pace of change has gotten much faster than marketers can keep up with: “No longer can you be just the expert in your craft, but I would say you have to be more of a modern-day marketing alchemist.”

It’s also critical to solicit the experts who can pull the right levers to achieve your goals. “It’s about staying curious, staying ahead of the game, and then knowing when to pull in the right collaborations in order to make something magical happen,” she said.

Watch to hear more and find out what’s next for the L.A. Rams, plus her simple advice about authenticity.

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