PETA: The Secret Lives of Animals

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We’ve all seen an animal sound book, and many of us probably received one as a gift when we were kids. In fact, animal sounds are one of the first things we learn in life — but what if all of them have become wrong? In our world, farms where cows and pigs run free in the sunshine have transformed into fiction. Industrial farming keeps pigs locked in tiny spaces their entire lives, overfeeding them with hormones until their slaughter. Cows get separated from their calves so they can produce milk forever. Foxes are killed for their skin, elephants for their tusks, and deer just for “the fun of it.” Animals really live this way nowadays. By launching “The Secret Lives of Animals,” PETA aims to shed light on this sad reality. Through six powerful and shocking tales, this book shows how humans make animals sound today. Those sounds aren’t exactly easy listening, even for adults. Everything in the book, from the stories to the sounds, is real.

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