Ryan Reynolds Sneaks an Aviation Gin Ad Into a Movie Ad Inside a Samsung Ad

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Sometimes it seems like Ryan Reynolds can sell anything with his creative approach to advertising. But can he sell three completely unrelated things in one 30-second spot?

Yes. Yes, he can.

The newest ad starring the actor and Aviation Gin owner begins with a plug for his upcoming Netflix film, the Michael Bay-directed 6 Underground. He smoothly transitions to plugging Samsung QLED televisions, which, OK, seems like a pretty natural tie-in for a movie that’s bypassing the cinema and going right to streaming.

But if you can pack two brands into one ad, you might as well push it to three, even if it leaves your director reconsidering the artistic compromises required for a career in commercials.

While it’s running on TV as a 30-second spot—making it Aviation’s first spot to air on national TV—here’s the slightly extended 45-second “director’s cut”:

Perhaps the best part of this juicy marketing turducken is Reynolds’ explanation that he “bought midroll ad placement.” Is that a phrase that will mean anything to anyone outside advertising and media? Luckily the gag works either way.

Since buying a stake in Davos Brands’ Aviation Gin and claiming the title of “owner,” Reynolds has been putting on a clinic in how celebrities can build a brand.

In digital ads for Aviation, Reynolds has argued with his (nonexistent) twin brother about the merits of owning a gin company and taken viewers behind the scenes to learn the truly odd work that goes into making each bottle. He’s also attempted to settle a rivalry with Hugh Jackman and ingratiated himself with Richard Branson, all for the sake of selling his spirit of choice.

Outside of Aviation, Reynolds has also provided a marketing boon to his movies. For Detective Pikachu, he explained his method-acting approach to embodying a tiny yellow Pokemon. He also leaked what he claimed to be 100 minutes of the film before its release, and while that’s not what fans actually got, they at least weren’t disappointed.

Speaking to Adweek earlier this year when he was named to our annual Creative 100 list, Reynolds explained the difference between how he thinks about marketing for Aviation versus his film projects:

“Certainly with the gin I can maybe convince people to buy a bottle of Aviation Gin once, but Aviation Gin has to do the rest of the work, and that’s why I got involved with the company, because the gin is so good,” Reynolds said. “I knew if people would try it once they would continue to buy the product and switch to Aviation Gin. On a movie, it’s a completely different situation because you have to build in awareness before you even have the product, so the marketing job starts usually even before you start filming the movie. Very different products at the end of the day, but we approached it creatively in a similar fashion.”

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