Maxim espresso T.O.P: Willboards presented by Maxim espresso T.O.P

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“I’m going on a diet from now on!!” Everyone is passionate when they go on a diet and yet, sooner or later, we often find ourselves ordering a pepperoni pizza late at night. We all know how the story ends. We thought this could be the real moment when people need Passion. Passion not only to be used to achieve their ultimate dream but something to help them to achieve the little goals in their everyday lives. To help people, we got the idea from a theory known as the ‘Profess Effect,’ which says that the more you let people know your goals, the more responsibility you feel, and the more likely you are to achieve those goals. Based on this theory, we created a campaign to help consumers to achieve their everyday goals with Passion. First, we collected consumers’ insights on a promotional mobile site, where visitors can list their everyday goals. Then we turned them into real ads or “Willboards” which it then displayed around Seoul. Also, we made a campaign video to promote this Willboards campaign. The video is about a girl who achieved her goals thanks to the Willboards.

Video of 내 열정다짐을 광고해준다고?! 왜죠? #맥심TOP #드랍불가 #열정광고

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