Samsung’s Smart Refrigerators Now Store Cool World Trivia and Word of the Day

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In addition to shopping for groceries on InstaCart, ordering an Uber ride, streaming tunes on Spotify, keeping an eye on Ring security cams and even ordering delivery on GrubHub, you can now keep your thirst for knowledge on tap on the Samsung’s Family Hub Smart Refrigerators.

Take oxymoron, Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day, for example. A smart fridge is no longer an oxymoron. It’s here, and the Samsung refrigerator will tell you it means (contradictory or incongruous words).

Encyclopaedia Britannica and Merriam-Webster partnered with Samsung through a suite of newly integrated Internet of Things app available now on the Family Hub Refrigerator’s LCD touchscreen. Because millions of users have already made Britannica’s On This Day and Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day part of their daily routine, Karthik Krishnan, global CEO of the Britannica Group, believes that the partnership with the South Korean electronics conglomerate is a natural next step to further the Britannica Group’s mission of inspiring curiosity and sparking a joy of learning.

“Discovering more about a major historical event and learning a new word enables families to start the day off on a mentally stimulating note,” said Krishnan.

Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., which acquired Merriam-Webster as a subsidiary in the ’60s, has been around for over 250 years. Their foray into smart appliances follows a recent move toward embracing emerging technology as a tool to engage and empower contemporary learners (and keep the legacy brand alive after printed volumes of the encyclopedia were suspended in 2012). This past year, the reputable encyclopedia company introduced an award-winning Alexa and Google Home voice-activated time-traveling adventure experience aimed at kids ages 8 to 12 called the Guardians of History.

Per Lisa Schneider, chief digital officer and publisher of Merriam-Webster, people love that the publication’s Word of the Day enables them to learn something new every day. The Family Hub Trivia app will offer logophiles an interesting historical fact.

“Be prepared for your kids to quiz you!,” Schneider joked.

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