Cruelty-Free Clothing Brand Noize Redefining What It Means to Care in 2019

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Outerwear brand Noize is a relative newcomer to the steadily growing environmentally conscious fashion industry, but it has lofty goals: disrupting the fast fashion landscape. The brand’s vegan puffer jackets and cruelty-free parkas (sold online and at major retailers) are built to withstand Canadian levels of wintry weather with fills entirely made of recycled plastic bottles.

After relying heavily on Instagram influencers during its first three years of operation, the brand released its first campaign, “Care Stories,” highlighting three women who spearhead social issue collectives rooted in anti-cruelty stances: Phoebe Pojo of Models That Eat, Elyse Fox of Sad Girls Club, and Simone Silverman of The Silver Women.

Models That Eat is a safe space for discussion of diet and body image issues through the stories of models and public figures; Sad Girls Club is a community for Gen Z and millennials who want to learn and converse about mental health; and The Silver Women is a platform that celebrates women who are middle-aged and beyond. Each of these collectives has a substantial presence online, notably on Instagram.

Noize’s creative director, Nina Mourin, explained that Pojo, Fox and Silverman were selected because they illustrate what it means to care in 2019.

“To us, it’s so much more than cruelty-free and environmentally friendly alternatives. It’s people actively perpetuating positive cultural change,” Mourin said. “We chose to highlight women who have empowered themselves by staying true to their causes—despite what society dictates—and who have haphazardly spearheaded collectives as a result.”

The three women are profiled in a colorful, avant-garde interview series made up of 40-second spots, and were also photographed for still shots for the site.

“These films invite all who live without cruelty to dress without cruelty, and to join our movement of care. We’ll celebrate these niche causes on mainstream platforms, but also through our biggest vehicle: our parkas,” Mourin said. 

Explaining why they were excited to be the faces of Noize’s first campaign, the three women backed the company’s foundation of ethics: “Noize had me at recycled bottles,” Silverman said; “I don’t want to put any living thing in harm’s way just so I can feel happy for a moment or a season,” Fox added; “The only way we can make change is to be accessible to everyone—and make dialogues around it,” Pojo stated.

Though Noize—which labels itself as a producer of “outwear for all who care”—has only been around for three years, the brand has already amassed a following of nearly 48,000 on Instagram, relying heavily on influencers to spread its message about its sustainability efforts and competitive prices. Pojo, Fox and Silverman are all influencers on Instagram, which helped cement their role in the campaign.

Noize also tapped three additional “purposeful influencers” to promote the campaign, including Mae McKagan, an outspoken model and fashion designer; Bianca Valle, a certified holistic nutritionist; and Valentina Padilla, a Venezuelan personality who eats a plant-based diet.

Mourin explained that this decision was made “to extend the story from campaign and into our ecommerce and social channels to further storytelling in a more intimate, one-on-one way with the consumer.”


Creative Director, Writer: Nina Mourin 
Creative Director, Art Director: Jessica Saesue
Film Director: Roxana Bazgoneh 
Photographer: Roxana Bazgoneh
DP: Alex Purifoy
Assistant Camera: Josh Ruffner
Grip: Darren Joe, Ward Kamel
Gaffer: Rafael Hernandez
Producer: Sebastien Vergne
Assistant Producer: Nalima Toure, Anastasia David
Stylist: Tiffani Williams
Assistant stylist: Marcus Elliot, Keanna Ngo
Makeup: Sang Lee
Hair: Lauren Berrones

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