Pinterest 100: Trends to Watch in 2020

Pinterest took the wraps off the 2020 version of its annual Pinterest 100 list of emerging trends to watch in the coming year.

The company said in a blog post, “Our data tells us that more than ever, people are thinking and acting globally and sustainably. They’re staying home to work, entertain or be entertained, and then heading outdoors to be reacquainted with nature, look for adventure and travel responsibly—all while lowering stress and elevating different areas of their lives, from pet care to scrunchies.”

Pinterest compared global search volume from August 2017 through July 2018 with those from August 2018 through July 2019, adding, “This year, we organized the trends into 10 themes that show broader cultural shifts and changes in consumer behavior.”

Beyond binary


Pinterest wrote, “A more accepting view of gender identity is on the rise,” and that sentiment extended to names (searches for gender-neutral names were up 301%), clothing (searches for unisex gender-neutral kids clothes were up 119%), parties (gender-neutral party themes up 35%) and living spaces (kids playroom ideas gender-neutral up 75%, unisex nursery gender-neutral up 527%).

School walls may look a little different in 2020, as searches for inclusive education posters were up 91%.

Adults were included, as well, with searches for androgynous wedding dress up 51% year-over-year, while tuxedo dress saw a 99% jump and gender-neutral haircut jumped 625%.

Conscious consumption


Pinners are using fewer, more sustainable products and keeping an eye on waste, and they expect businesses to do the same.

They are expressing themselves with posters, as searches for climate change protest signs soared 5,961% year-over-year.

Searches for low-waste lifestyle were up 446%, while eco-friendly swaps saw a 172% jump, thrifted home décor climbed 308%, ocean trash art was up 39% and secondhand fashion rose 38%.

Pinners also said “I do” to thrifted wedding dresses (up 41%) and low-waste wedding (235%).

And they were a crafty bunch, propelling searches for solar light crafts up 427% and for thrift store crafts up a whopping 2,276%.

Finding balance


Wellness is going everyday on Pinterest, and positive vibes are flowing.

Searches for self-discovery journal prompts were up 147% year-over-year, while social media detox saw a 314% boost, embrace being single was up 49%, art therapy activities moved up 444%, mood booster playlist rose 85% and feng shui décor saw a 137% increase.

Pinners’ quest for wellness also extended to their mouths, as chicory root benefits saw a 91% jump in search volume, while sea moss climbed 380%, ylang ylang oil was up 91% and cucumber juice rose 99%.

Home hub


Pinterest wrote, “Sure, home is where the heart is. But now it’s also where your office is … and your gym … and maybe even your waterfall.”

Searches for garden room were up 104% during the period examined by Pinterest, while granny pods backyard cottage queries rose 159%, audio room shot up 803%, indoor water fountains splashed up 917% and home theater design climbed 368%.

Home is also where the stomach is, as searches for microgreens growing indoor rose 223%, while brewing equipment chugged up 411%, home coffee stations were up 751% and homemade baby foods saw a 379% gain.

And for people looking to get a little work done, searches for work-from-home outfit were up 82%.

Internationally inspired


According to Pinterest, “Today’s travelers are prioritizing meaningful activities like cooking classes and artisan visits over common tourist spots.”

That global flavor is extending into their homes, with searches for Spanish-style bathrooms up 309%, Indian living rooms up 2,080%, French antiques up 384%, Australian garden landscaping up 781% and Japanese soaking tubs up 563%.

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