Bad Decisions Due to Lack of Sleep Made 2019 ‘So Dumb’ According to This Mattress Brand

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Ah, the news—a constant and cyclical reminder of the country’s most troublesome decisions at work. While the nation may be irreparably torn on the source of all of our ills, there could be one unifying reason for our predilection for the worst possible option: a trending lack of sleep.

A study conducted at Arizona State University revealed that more Americans are engaging in “short sleep,” which lasts for six hours or less. That’s way below the recommended eight hours, and the lack of rest negatively affects our immune system, heart health, and—surprise!—our brain functioning.

So if we assume that our daily dose of “how is this happening?” can be mostly contributed to the original bad idea—skipping sleep—then maybe we should take the advice of Tuft & Needle and sleep on it.

With the help of creative agency 72andSunny Los Angeles and comedian Neil Brennan, the mattress and bedding brand hopes to talk a little sense into the country.

In a three-minute original short film called “Sleep On It, America,” a pajama-clad Brennan addresses the nation from the comfort of his bed. There, he shares some overdue wisdom (ok, we’ll call it trolling) with “the worst decision-makers of the year.” The list of shame includes an ill-equipped fast-food chain, Area 51 stormers, and those who willingly surrendered private info and images to a face-tuning app, just to see what they’d hypothetically look like in 60 years.

“2019 was dumb. So dumb,” the comedian says. “If you made any questionable decisions this year… get yourself a Tuft & Needle mattress and for the love of God, America, sleep on it.”

Brennan’s delivery hearkens to his signature, blunt stand-up style, merging laughs with the wake-up call the country so desperately needs. The campaign will appropriately run on social media, where it will hopefully go viral, and the good word will spread far and wide.

The short will serve as the lead-in for a weeklong Twitter campaign where users are asked to share their own questionable decisions for a chance to win a Tuft & Needle mattress, which will hopefully be one small step to a more astute America.


Client: Tuft & Needle
Creative Agency: 72andSunny Los Angeles
Production company – Imposter
Director – Stephen Feinartz
Editorial – Hecho Studios
Editor – Thomas Macvicicar

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