Tekzen: The Banana that turned into an Art with a Duck-Tape

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The latest modern art development that kept the internet busy was a banana stuck on a wall with a duck-tape, the art belonged to Maurizio Cattelan and valued $120,000… Until, another modern artist David Dattuna ate the banana that kept the news websites and social media busy. On Sunday, we’ve made the real-time campaign specifically for the subject that became the main topic of the entire digital world again. https://www.facebook.com/tekzenturkiye/photos/a.10151780743467830/1015… As Tekzen, the Turkish Construction Market that satisfies the needs of everything regarding the home tools and appliances, we gave a sarcastic and fun message with the duck-tape that we sell. “Everything you need for Modern Artwork is in Tekzen!” The campaign that began as a real-time social media post turned to a special landing page with the same keyvisual on www.tekzen.com.tr. Whoever clicked on the website could see the variety of duck-tapes. Afterward, we’ve prepared special dressings with banana replicas for the tape sections of the Tekzen stores. We’ve went beyond and placed those replicas to the to the streets where some of Turkey’s most important art-galleries located in, like an exhibition and as a good example of guerrilla marketing. People came across with this art could see our message “Everything you need for Modern Artwork is in Tekzen!” and reached to the duck-tape section of our website as they’ve scanned the QR code. The interactions are as follows: 81,936 likes, 1,384 comments, and 2,826 sharings. https://www.instagram.com/p/B52DU-Dhzf6/

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