Brita: The Ugliest Ugly Sweater

Brita Integrated Ad - The Ugliest Ugly Sweater
Brita Integrated Ad - The Ugliest Ugly Sweater
Brita Integrated Ad - The Ugliest Ugly Sweater
Brita Integrated Ad - The Ugliest Ugly Sweater

Now, just in time to make all your holidays come true is “The Ugliest Ugly Sweater” of them all—from Brita—available on Amazon. After all, why wear ugly, when you can wear the ugliest? So, what makes Brita’s sweater “the ugliest?” Because single-use plastic bottles are wrecking our planet and filling our oceans with trash. Americans use 2,000 single-use plastic bottles every second, and nearly 70% of those are not recycled. So for ugly sweater season, mcgarrybowen created the ugliest sweaters ever, woven from recycled plastic waste. We hope people will wear them to all their holiday parties and get people talking about this ugly problem. Here’s how we did it: Five in-house designers from mcgarrybowen created sweater designs that blend traditional holiday kitsch with imagery of plastic waste and its impact on the environment:

Snowflake: This design rings in the holidays with a snowflake made from bottled water waste and dead fish. The sleeves also feature alternating patterns of bottled water and dead fish.

Faux Cardigan: This sweater shows up for the holidays adorned with planet-wrecking bottled water and sad, dead sea life. An underwater scene shows single-use plastic floating amongst dead whales, fish, and turtles.

Ho Ho Hoax: This sweater lights up the party with strings of bottled water and dead fish trapped inside. The back features a fun message from Santa: Bottled water is a Ho Ho Hoax

Ice Caps: This sweater chills out in an icy blue winter scene awash with floating plastic waste and a tragically marooned polar bear.

Grandma: This cozy sweater is complete with ribbon sleeves and a quilt-patterned front, featuring lots of dead sea life and seahorses trapped inside plastic water bottles.

mcgarrybowen worked closely with Knitwear Lab (, an industrial knitwear manufacturing and design company based in Amsterdam, to produce the sweaters. All in all, 5 unique designs were created and 500 total sweaters were produced. Each limited-edition sweater is made from 80% recycled materials, including 40% recycled plastic. All sweaters are finished with custom tags that feature Brita’s “Drink Like You Care” message In addition to the sweaters, we designed and created custom boxes–from recycled materials, of course–to deliver our key messages. Brita worked with Amazon to create a custom storefront ( to sell a box containing The Ugliest Ugly Sweater and filtering bottle bundles for $24.99 each.

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