These Campaigns Made Other Agencies Green With Envy in 2019

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In 2019, the agency world created a great deal of outstanding work. Soon, we’ll start seeing which creative work stood out among the world’s creative juries.

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In the meantime, and to get a head start on the awards circuit Adweek, like last year, asked the agency community to weigh in on the work created by their peers, that stood out most in 2019. As expected, the cream of the crop came from long-standing agencies, but some came from unexpected places and, in the cases of Aviation Gin and Bud Light and HBO, seemingly out of nowhere.

Below is some of the creative work deemed the best of the best by agency professionals in 2019.

Aviation Gin: Gift Responsibly
Agency: Maximum Effort

A little over a year ago, a Colin Kaepernick tweet flipped culture on its head. This year, the world lost its collective mind again but, this time, it was a tweet came from Ryan Reynolds which included Aviation Gin’s brilliant clap back to a much-derided Peloton ad.

“It was a great and simple idea. I was undoubtedly impressed with the turnaround time for production,” said Melany Esfeld, vp and director of integrated production at Barkley. “Moving swiftly to track down Monica Ruiz (the actor in the original Peloton ad), plan a shoot and immediately move into edit and post-production—it was perfectly orchestrated. Timing is everything, and Aviation Gin nailed it.”

But this ad was far from a one-trick pony. Throughout the year, Reynolds and his Maximum Effort partner George Dewey created must-see moments including a video squashing a “squabble” with Hugh Jackman and the “Turducken” of ads promoting a film, a Samsung OLED TV and Aviation Gin (of which he is owner)—all in one ad.

“The work is funny, self-deprecating in all the right ways, and shows off Reynolds’ finely-crafted sense of timing,” said Mike Gatti, ecd at GYK Antler. “Not since Orson Welles’ free verse take on Paul Masson has a celebrity endorsement of an alcoholic beverage delivered such entertainment. [It] might be my goofy inner bro speaking here [but], all of a sudden, I’m thinking about buying some gin; juniper taste be damned.”

Halo Top: Ice Cream for Adults
Agency: 72andSunny

In the first national campaign for the brand from 72andSunny, an ice cream truck becomes an unexpected—and hilariously depressing—venue for life lessons. Instead of serving sweet treats, the work’s anti-hero dishes on the harsh realities of the world: mortgages, love, online dating and the rigors of work.

“What do kids do to deserve ice cream? Not a whole lot,” said Rick Utzinger, ecd at Fallon. “Adults, however, we work so hard, pay mortgages and valiantly move forward in life while our youthful good-looks remain in the past.”

“The humor is twisted and dark, but totally relatable, which is fresh and fun for the ice cream category,” added Jordan Chouteau, creative at Forsman & Bodenfors. “I love how they incorporate the innocence of children to push the humor even farther. It reminds me that there are still some clients out there brave enough to be honest about their product, and honest with their consumer—honest enough to make some standout work.”

The ads are not only funny but retain their freshness after several watchings. That’s code for: they never get old.

“The tone is refreshingly real and relatable and stands out for not trying so hard to be funny. It just is,” noted David Olsen, ecd at Mythic. “These almost felt like a throwback of sorts as 30-second commercials, but the comedy is timeless. I almost couldn’t believe they got made in the times we’re living in.”

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