Flying Ubers; Ryan Reynolds vs. Killing Eve Star: Monday’s First Things First

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Ryan Reynolds Struggles to Match Acting Accolades With Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer

It’s only the second week of January, but Ryan Reynolds has already pulled off another stunt. This time, he’s promoting his new movie, Free Guy, alongside Jodie Comer in a spot produced by the production company Reynolds owns with George Dewey. Comer’s been recently awarded an Emmy and a BAFTA for her terrifying yet entrancing character in Killing Eve—the psychopathic assassin, Villanelle. Reynolds is a funny guy, but he doesn’t have any such awards. Very quickly, Reynolds is too distracted to continue discussing the craft of the movie with Comer, as he’s meant to be doing, and is instead bickering with the folks behind the camera about how often Comer’s awards should appear onscreen beneath her name. Free Guy has something to do with a video game, but the point of this spot doesn’t have much to do with that—its message seems to be that Ryan Reynolds is in this movie, so whatever it’s about, it’ll probably be worth it.

Read more: Reynolds was nominated twice for MTV Movie Awards’ Best Kiss.

Golden Globes Story TK

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CES 2020 Preview: Uber Elevate’s Plan to Bring Ride-Sharing to the Sky

In Las Vegas next week, hundreds of exhibitors will be gathering to do business, rub shoulders and show off their newest wares: from extra smart home appliances and voice assistants in everything to Ivanka Trump and rollable TVs, there’s been a fair amount of buzz surrounding one of the world’s biggest tech events. In addition to these terrestrial gadgets, Uber’s Eric Allison is expected to discuss the  company’s plans for aerial ride-sharing. Uber Elevate, which operates adjacent to Uber Air, expects its service to be fully operational by 2023 in either Melbourne, Dallas or Los Angeles, with potentially 20 to 50 aircraft.

Read more: The ambitious timeline raises several unanswered questions, according to analysts. 

How the Boston Seaport Became a Hotbed for DTC Brands

After the late Mayor Thomas M. Menino dubbed it the “innovation district” in 2010, the Boston Seaport consists of 7 million square feet of mixed-use development and 1.1 million square feet of retail space. While the district is home to traditional brands like Sephora and Bluemercury, its also attracted direct-to-consumer brands like Allswell, Away, b8ta and Bonobos, serving as a testing ground for DTC retailers. After debuting a pop-up village called The Current in 2018, brands participating in the pop-up have swapped out three times and daily foot traffic in the district has increased from 34,000 to roughly 40,000.

Read more: On Nov. 1, Le Creuset and sock company Ace & Everett moved into The Current for the holiday season.

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Ad of the Day: This Bloody Clever Dracula Ad Gets Creepier as the Sun Goes Down

To promote BBC One’s new version of Bram Stoker’s classic blood-sucker tale, creatives at the UK’s flagship TV station developed a spooky billboard that turns even more chilling when the sun goes down (and the vampires come out). What looks like a cluster of haphazardly thrown wooden stakes by day becomes a shadow of Dracula’s profile by night when a light from the edge of the billboard shines on the carefully positioned weapons.

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