Wix Actually Recorded an Ad Written by Adweek’s AI-Powered Super Bowl Bot

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This week, we at Adweek unveiled our Super Bowl Bot, an AI-powered creative force that generates ad concepts for the Big Game and posts them to Twitter. While often featuring real brands and celebrities, the concepts are rarely what you might call “lucid,” so we didn’t think too many brands would jump at actually filming one.

But it appears we were wrong. Wix took some of the bot’s bizarre musings and used them as the voice-over for an actual ad the web design company shared today on Twitter.

The narration for the 40-second video comes from one of the early concepts produced by the bot, which is now trained on around 3,000 descriptions of Super Bowl ads and powered by a cutting-edge language generation model called GPT-2.

The ad highlights the bot’s occasional tendency—especially in its earlier stages, before we expanded its training to a wider data set—to lose itself in long, repetitive lists, as evidenced by the meandering inventory of flowers (x5), socks (x2) and other items it ticks through for about half the ad.

Here’s the original tweet, published in late November before we’d officially announced the bot’s existence:

While Wix obviously didn’t invest Super Bowl ad levels of production into bringing the concept to life, the brand definitely deserves credit for moving quickly after the bot began circulating in earnest on Tuesday.

This wasn’t the bot’s only attempt at writing an ad for Wix, a frequent Super Bowl advertiser. Super Bowl Bot also crafted a concept centered on comedian and actress Kristen Schaal.

If nothing else, Wix’s production team shows that the bot is at least capable of creating a passable-sounding—if mostly nonsensical—imitation of an ad script. Bryant Humphrey, whoever he is, should be proud.

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