Athlete Marketing Platform Opendorse Debuts On Demand App, Desktop Features

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Athlete marketing platform Opendorse is adding some mobility to its offerings.

The company Tuesday debuted new mobile application and new feature Opendorse On Demand, which it described as a streamlined social media management tool that automates the process of sharing media and enables teams and leagues to share and track collections of media with athletes and other ambassadors directly via the Opendorse platform.

Opendorse said athletes can use Opendorse on Demand to access images, videos and GIFs from games and events and incorporate them into social posts, which they can publish on demand.

They can view collections of media in a single location, curate posts and publish directly to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



For teams and leagues, the automated media sharing capability eliminates the need to manually upload media after every game or event, and it gives their athletes more control over the images or videos they post to their social accounts.

Teams and leagues can batch and drop media folders without having to tag individual athletes in every image, and whenever new media is added to a player’s collection, that player receives notifications via SMS, WhatsApp or email.

Opendorse’s smart media library paired up with Opendorse On Demand to integrate Libris by PhotoShelter and Getty Images for more robust end-to-end media and content sharing.

And for marketers, they can use Opendorse On Demand to make media available to athletes, suggest specific posts to share instantly and schedule content for them to post in the future.

Opendorse On Demand also provides data on how content is performing, giving athletes in-depth post engagement data for real-time performance tracking and campaign optimization, while providing marketers with performances outcomes associated with every piece of content that is shared via the platform.

Opendorse co-founder and CEO Blake Lawrence said in a release, “Thousands of marketers and athletes use Opendorse to collaborate on social media campaigns, but until now, not every athlete has received help every single day. Opendorse On Demand allows us to help more athletes, more often by providing an always-on mobile solution to access media to publish on their own. Our partners now have the tools to bring their athlete marketing solutions into one platform while providing the control, tracking and insights that they’ve come to love with Opendorse.”

University of Oklahoma Football director of content Zack Hefley added, “Opendorse On Demand is a game-changer for our athlete-driven marketing. The beauty of the platform has always been the ability to launch and track specific campaigns, built to achieve specific outcomes for select athletes and our program. We’ve always believed in empowering the growth of our athletes’ brand the best we can. Having the ability to streamline this process has allowed us to continue to push these boundaries in a way we were unable to before. But time and resources only allowed us to do so much. With On Demand, not only can we continue to provide content suggestions to our athletes, we can now help every athlete grow their brand how they wish to with a click of a button.”

He continued, “Content libraries make it easy for us to share more content than ever before to our entire roster, giving them the ability to select and publish what they wish to with ease. Plus, we can measure content performance every step of the way, not losing touch of the data that helps our team provide the best content we can at all times. Now, we can truly maximize our content by helping our athletes and program grow together on social.”

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