Planters’ Second Super Bowl Appearance in 2 Years Will Star Veep’s Matt Walsh

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Planters is in the Super Bowl for the second year in a row following a 10-year hiatus, with a spot starring comedian Matt Walsh, known for playing TV’s worst press secretary on HBO’s Veep.

In addition to being bad at his job, Walsh’s character on Veep, Mike McLintock, was also known for his constant snacking. And that just might have something to do with why he was chosen for the ad, Walsh told Adweek.

“I’m sure the brand recognized that I have a propensity to eat,” Walsh said, further admitting that his character was often “causing trouble by eating or getting stains on things.”

Last year’s Super Bowl spot featured Mr. Peanut cruising through the streets at car-chase speed in Planters’ Nutmobile, racing to get a can of peanuts in the hands of former MLB player Alex Rodriguez, who’s stuck in front of the game with only kale chips to snack on. Charlie Sheen also made a brief cameo in last year’s ad, but Walsh confirmed Sheen’s not coming back this year.

“Showbiz legend” Mr. Peanut and his Nutmobile, however, will certainly be returning. The 30-second spot, which will air in the third quarter, was produced by VaynerMedia, the same creative agency Planters worked with on last year’s ad.

While he’s no stranger to commercial acting, it will be Walsh’s first time in a Super Bowl ad, which he said is “kind of a neat milestone for an actor.”

Walsh also noted that he’s looking forward to telling his mom to watch. “It’s one of the few things that I’ve made that she’ll want to watch,” he said. “So, that’s exciting. And they’re calling it a nutty adventure. How about that?”

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