In a Distracted World, This Short Film Reminds Us Why Cinema Is a Vital Escape

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In 2020, it seems almost pointless to bemoan the pervasiveness of technology. Yes, we love our cell phones and our tablets, and there are more than enough reasons that extend beyond mere convenience. There is just too much value in the ability to connect via our devices to ever make us revert back to the days before our first brick of a flip phone.

At the same time, those of us who are deeply invested in life online—whether we remain connected to social media for our daily work or rely on the internet to keep ourselves informed politically—know what it feels like to live at least a portion of our day from notification to notification. And that life can get very noisy very quickly. That is to say, people who find themselves “extremely online” understand the need for the occasional break.

With the help of creative agency Joint and RSA Films, global cinema operator Vue wants to help those of us glued to our screens “Get Lost” with its first-ever brand film.

The short is nothing short of cinematic magic thanks to narration and an epic cameo from John Boyega (plus a fleeting appearance by director Jake Scott’s father, Ridley Scott). “Get Lost” recognizes that “stories are everywhere,” from the lunch we share to the latest news update. And while that can be a good thing, there are some tales that require total immersion, like when Boyega must sprint through a rebel-strewn site of total bedlam. Something like that might require more devoted attention and less livetweeting.

The action and various easter eggs (like trailer A113, a classroom number that is famously linked to Pixar) are sights to behold, however it a sudden drop into silence that grants the audience a thoughtful reprieve. And as the sound and visual effects are reintroduced, you remember what it’s like to be enraptured by one truly remarkable piece of work. Even in the highly digital space, cinema still has so much to offer.

“It’s never been more important to find time to switch off from the incessant distractions of the modern world—and to get lost in a great story,” said director Scott, of RSA Films. “I really believe in the power of cinema and the collective experience, and so do Vue. They offer a sanctuary from the modern world: a place to enjoy great stories told by brilliant filmmakers.”

Client – Vue
Agency – Joint
Production Company – RSA Films
Director – Jake Scott
Producer – Garfield Kempton
DOP – Mark Patten
Editing – Final Cut – Dan Sherwen
Sound – Factory – Phil Bolland
Music – Machine – Alex Bingham
Music Producer – Matej Oreskovic
Post-production/visual effects – Electric Theatre Collective
Colorist – Luke Morrison
2D Lead – Giles Cheetham
3D Lead – Dean Robinson
2D Artists – Ozgur Taparl, Tomer Epshtein, Flavio Kawamoto, CJ Gaikwad
3D Artists – George Savvas, Felix Chan, Jake Cross + Marko Mamula
DMP – Rich Tilbury
AFX -Dexter George, George Dyson, Matt Clugston, Matthew Rowley
Producer: Antonia Vlasto

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