Samsung: TV Shop

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is armed to the teeth with innovative features that are so interesting for millennials in “freaky, quirky tik-toky videos” creation. Conventional 30 second or one-minute commercial can’t convey these features fully. Hopefully, our target audience eager to ironize on retro music, fashion, style and all so called “VHS era”. So we chose TV shop format for Galaxy Note 10 promotion with classic glitches, overacting and heavy hair sprayed TV hosts. As a result, target audience perceived the brand as “something native who can make fun of itself” and demonstrated high engagement. Hardly surprising, because the commercial was voiced by Kurazh Bombei – the well-known voice actor who narrated “Big Bang theory”, “How I met your mother” and other popular shows in CIS countries.

Video of Galaxy Note10 | 10+ | Магазин на диване

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