Night Night: The Watch to Sleep Movies

Night Night, herbal drink that helps people fall asleep. They want to make their debut campaign for its first product launch. But with the difficulty of noticing the instant and obvious effects of “helps you fall asleep” in first trial, so instead of just advertising it, to demonstrate our product we created a brand-new practical solution that helps people get to sleep and experience our “fall asleep” benefit by themselves. By combining ASMR technology with all-time Thais favorite movies, “Mae Nak,” – and “Bad Genius,” we remade it into the weirdest version – “Watch to sleep version.” Each movie’s iconic scenes are re-shot and imitated both visual and sound, but with a twist of using ASMR technology in every process of making to create movies that actually help people get to sleep. For visuals, we make every scene of the film a repetitive loop throughout the movie. For sound, it helps relax the brain.

Video of The Watch to Sleep Movie 1
Video of The Watch to Sleep Movies 2

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