Bud Light Opens Post Malone’s Mind to the World of Seltzer in Its Super Bowl Ad

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The summer of seltzer is far from over, at least if Bud Light has anything to say about it. This year, Bud Light’s Super Bowl ad deviates from the beer brand and instead points people to the brand-new world of Bud Light Seltzer.

Bud Light uses Post Malone in its 60-second spot, created by Wieden + Kennedy, to show viewers what drinking a Bud Light Seltzer is like. But, there’s a twist: Bud Light filmed two versions of its ad and is letting fans choose which one will air on the night of the Big Game. It’s the first time the brand’s done something like this. It joins P&G in letting consumers decide on the final cut.

“As a brand, we have a history of making engaging Super Bowl ads,” said Andy Goeler, vp of Bud Light. “This year, we’re going to be bringing our biggest innovation—Bud Light Seltzer—to the biggest moment of the year, and we’re going to do it with our biggest fans of the year.”

In one spot, Post Malone’s brain and body go into overdrive trying to decide between a Bud Light Seltzer and a Bud Light. In the end, he decides to buy both. The second spot centers on Post Malone rolling up to a bartender, asking for a Bud Light Seltzer and getting introduced to the mango flavor. His body, from his taste buds to his spleen, react to the new fruity flavor in a comical way only Post Malone could pull off.

Goeler said he expects fans to vote and engage, even if that means a little bit of trolling. The two spots build off Bud Light’s bigger campaign around Bud Light Seltzer that launched earlier this month. In those ads, Bud Light Seltzer introduced the world to both its product and Seltzer, Pa., a town of about 300 people.

“As we talk to people about seltzer, we learned quickly that people have a lot of questions of what seltzer is,” Goeler said. “It’s a new product category and [has] low levels of awareness. As we added the Bud Light name on it, questions came out like, ‘Wow, is there Bud Light in it?’”

The second ad—Post Malone in a bar ordering a Bud Light Seltzer—is a departure from Anheuser-Busch’s initial Super Bowl plans to feature both Bud Light and Bud Light Seltzer in a single spot. The beer giant, which won’t reveal which quarters its ads are airing in, has already released the full-length teasers for Michelob Ultra Pure Gold, Michelob Ultra and Budweiser. Goeler, however, said the second spot still encourages consumers to think about and drink Bud Light.

“Bud light is a trademark [that] has significant awareness,” Goeler said. “It’s got lots of positive equity, and by taking the name of Bud Light and putting in on a seltzer—[it shows] it’s proudly from Bud Light.”

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