Domino’s Rides the Recent Trend of Movie-Themed Ads With Riff of Risky Business

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On Sunday, the Super Bowl went to the movies in a big way. We’re not talking about the run of trailers from upcoming blockbuster films.

A look through the list of brands that advertised in the game reveals that latching on to film nostalgia is a tried-and-true method, despite the pros and cons. The standout was Jeep’s homage to Groundhog Day, but Mountain Dew’s nod to The Shining, Walmart’s spin around movie characters and Toyota’s salute to film tropes also made an impact.

Not to be left out of the fun is Domino’s and CPB with a new ad that takes its cue from the most famous scene in Risky Business. Yep, it’s the moment when Tom Cruise traipses around the house in his skivvies to the tune of “Old Time Rock ‘n Roll” by Bob Seger. Only this time, the sliding-across-the-hardwood-floor star is actor (and Dancing With the Stars winner) Jordan Fisher.

Promoting the brand’s GPS delivery alert, the spot has some sneakily accurate craft elements, including color grade matching and film grain to mirror the 80s original. Though the set is not the house from the movie, the agency and brand searched extensively to find a living area that was as close to the film’s original.

Additionally, a delightful treat is the inclusion of Curtis Armstrong, who played Cruise’s best friend Myles Dalby in the film.

While the ad probably could have felt right at home in the Super Bowl, it seems a pretty good strategic move (or lucky) that Domino’s is taking advantage of the recent movie-themed parade of ads. And it didn’t come with a $5.6 million price tag, either.

The 30-second TV spot will run nationally. A 60-second version (above) will run online.

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