A Crowd Finds Themselves Hooked On a Story Fit Only for Lifetime

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Intrigue. Stalkerish nannies. Infidelity. Murderous spouses. There are only a few filmmakers who can subtly implement such salacious tropes in their work. Then there are those filmmakers who say, “Screw it. Let’s just have the murderous spouse have an affair with the stalkerish nanny right before they kidnap the baby.”

It may not earn an Oscar statuette, but on Lifetime, it might just be enough to land the coveted Movie of the Week. Make Valerie Bertinelli the star, and you have an instant classic on your hands.

Say what you want about Lifetime and its library of melodramatic cinema (and its penchant for 24/7 holiday movies starting in October): This is a brand that not only knows but embraces the outlandish drama that has been the foundation of so much of its content for decades. And it has a devoted fan base who enable even its wildest ideas.

To that end, Lifetime and creative agency Jean came together for “Hooked,” a campaign that leans into the storytelling that has served as a winning formula for the cable network for years.

“Hooked” follows a suburban mom spinning a juicy tale to her thoroughly enthralled friend. As she continues to share details, passersby find themselves sucked into her outlandish narrative. Before long, half the town is trailing the woman, hanging onto every word. Before she can reach the end of her tale, however, her phone rings, leaving her new fans (and us) hanging before there’s any resolution.

In fairness, it’s all a little bit of fun from the network and the agency.

“Lifetime is an amazing creative partner,” said Jean co-founder Natalie Prisco. “They consistently let us take chances that very few other networks would.”

Indeed, but let’s get to the bottom line here. Will Jessica get to live long enough to exact her revenge on the unknowing gynecologist? Tune into the next elementary school drop-off to find out.


Client: Lifetime
Written by: Jean
Directed by: Jean
SVP Brand Creative: Valerie Albanese
Creative Director: Jennifer Ferguson
Senior Director of Production: Benjamin Asher
Production Company: In House
Line Producer: Josh Rothfeld
Editor: Aaron Langley at Cosmo Street
Director of Photography: Kip Bogdahn
Production Designer: Marco Orzo
Sound Design/Mix: Robin Buyer at Pulse Music NY
Colorist: Stephen Picano

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