Teletrade: Hacker Blocker

While you’re reading this on your laptop, someone could be watching you. And if you’re reading from your tablet or smartphone, you’re not completely safe either. Relax, we’re talking about your webcam. But, one second—what if someone is actually watching us from the other side?

Wunderman Dubai began here when Teletrade—one of the leading providers of corporate technology solutions in Lebanon—asked them to work on their annual cybersecurity campaign.
“That’s how we came to address the problem commonly known as Camfecting”, explained Wunderman creative and development team.

While security software offers protection for our data and operating systems, our webcams can still be hacked and infiltrated without our permission and with relative ease. That’s why we all known someone who puts tape, a sticker, or even piece of paper over their webcams. Even Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg uses these almost primitive methods.
Now, finally, there’s an elegant and clever solution: The Hacker Blocker. A simple, 3D-printed piece of auxiliary hardware that not only stops hackers from gawking at you through your webcam, but also sends them any of the 50 hacking messages, like “Hackmate!”, “Hasta la vista”, “Keep trying”, “Not today” and much more.

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