Twitch Partners With Comscore to Provide New Audience Metrics

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Key insights:

On Thursday, Comscore announced that the measurement company has partnered with Amazon-owned live streaming service Twitch to provide audience data around Twitch content—much of which involves gaming.

“Our new partnership with Twitch is more proof of Comscore’s dedication to innovation within audience measurement and across screens,” said Carol Hinnant, Chief Revenue Officer, Comscore in a statement. “In a time where gaming and esports are gaining momentum, our partnership will ensure the industry can understand consumption and take advantage of trends in this space.”

According to a release, the deal introduces tagless audience reporting of key metrics like “minutes spent” and “content minutes per ad minute.”

With 15 million daily active users and tens of thousands of paid creators, Twitch is a major player in the live-streaming and esports space—along with YouTube Gaming, Microsoft Mixer and others. According to market intelligence firm Newzoo, the esports market brought in more than $1.1 billion in revenue in 2019.

While Twitch’s user base can be rather “brand-averse,” advertisers have been more and more willing to try their hand at courting Twitch’s core demographic: men aged 18 to 34. Twitch declined multiple requests for comment.

Carson Chiu, a media planner at Austin-based ad agency GSD&M, said that the new Comscore data will help brands know who it is they’re talking to.

“Brands who are attempting to activate in this space should do so with the goal of showing support for the esports community as a whole,” Chiu told Adweek. “With the deeper analytics provided by this partnership, it will allow these brands to further understand who they’re talking to and tailor messaging and integrations.”

Lauren McAndrews, vp, digital strategy, Havas Media, said it is important data to have at a dynamic time for the esports and gaming industries. 

“Because the gaming category is undergoing a shift in terms of audience and popularity, it’s helpful to have Comscore’s proof points to illustrate that to agencies and brands,” McAndrews said. “It will help us better understand how Twitch’s platform and audience can complement or supplement existing efforts if we have a better handle on how they fit into the greater digital ecosystem.”

Chris Blakely, svp, Commercial at Comscore told Adweek the data will validate the value advertisers already derive from Twitch and will help advertisers who haven’t yet invested in gaming. 

“From a market perspective this is also a big step to putting gaming and esports audiences on par with traditional digital video and television audiences,” Blakely said.

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