Tata Tigor: Skip The Clutch

How Tata Motors made everyone drive Clutch free with Tigor Automatic THE CHALLENGE Automatic cars are becoming increasingly popular in India. The demand has doubled in the past two years as it currently enjoys a 10-12% share of the market. Every car manufacturer is aggressively jumping into the Automatic bandwagon, thus posing a challenge for Tata Tigor to launch their new Automatic Variant in the cluttered space. THE CONTEXT Ever heard of the idiom ‘Kebab mein Haddi’? It’s someone who tags along with a couple and makes them feel uncomfortable. Long story short, no one likes a third wheeler. Similarly, in the relationship between the Accelerator and the Brake, the Clutch acts as a third wheel. It’s a hindrance for drivers who favour hassle-free driving. Long story short, these days people don’t prefer the clutch. THE FILM As the saying goes- Two’s company, three’s a crowd. Hence, to demonstrate how the clutch can ruin a perfectly smooth drive in a unique way, we humanized it, along with the couple, Ms. Accelerator and Mr. Brake. Each film begins with Mr. Brake and Ms. Accelerator trying to have a good time by themselves. Until, enter Mr. Clutch! A romantic movie night goes for a toss. A party night turns into an unnecessary dance off. After which we immediately lead our viewers to the product widow- a stylized shot of the Tigor Automatic cruising smoothly on the road. The takeaway being: driving is clearly simpler, and more fun without the clutch. THE STRATEGY The Skip button is deeply ingrained in the subconscious mind of every viewer on YouTube. We leveraged on this intuitive behaviour and tweaked the button of SKIP AD to SKIP THE CLUTCH. The strategy was to show with the Tigor Automatic, skipping the clutch is as easy as skipping an ad on YouTube. The film was conceptualized, scripted and produced keeping the central idea in mind with wit & humour to connect with the GenZ. THE RESULTS 10 Million + video views 29 Seconds Average View Duration Contributed to a 370% Increase in Sales in the following Month

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