Brands Balk at April Fools’; Distilleries’ Elegant Hand Sanitizer Packaging: Wednesday’s First Things First

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Don’t Expect Many Brands to Embrace April Fools’ Day in 2020

With Twitter commenters proactively warning brands for at least the past week against pulling any April Fools’ Day pranks, it’s unlikely we’ll see any major stunts this year. Brands, including Google, SodaStream, Honda, T-Mobile and Giphy, are skipping the annual “holiday,” even as they’ve made it a perennial and high-profile part of their advertising.

Read more: There will be exceptions, but advertisers will have to play it safe for the joke to stick the landing during this sensitive time.

Savvy Distilleries Are Putting in Extra Effort to Make Their Hand Sanitizers Look Stylish

Many distilleries have made the decision to do their part for the community and produce hand sanitizers, a commodity the coronavirus pandemic has rendered rare and precious. But instead of just funneling the product into bottles and getting it out the door, distillers and brewers like Mammoth, Old Fourth, Hanson of Sonoma and Lexington designed elegant packaging for the sanitizers.

Read more: Explore a full collection of stylish hand sanitizers and learn more about the process of creating them.

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Opinion: Thinking of Partnering With a Charity? Keep in Mind the Following Compliance Regulations

In today’s coronavirus-fraught society, there are endless causes and groups in need of support, offering brands, agencies and other organizations opportunities to partner with charity groups on campaigns and initiatives. However, it pays to be cautious and do your homework before jumping into a charity partnership, as Heather Nolan, partner at InfoLawGroup LLP, explains in a recent Voice piece.

Read more: Here are some common cause marketing structures and preliminary issues to consider for common types of charitable programs in these unique times.

Why Workers Are Going on Strike at Whole Foods, Amazon, GE and Instacart

Instacart shoppers and Amazon warehouse workers went on strike Monday. The two delivery companies are essential services, but some workers say the companies are doing little to protect them from spreading it. And at General Electric, some plant workers walked off the job because they want the company to shift factories to produce the much-needed ventilators increasingly sought by desperate hospitals. On Tuesday, workers at Whole Foods Market (owned by Amazon) will also strike, citing similar concerns about public health and a lack of safety gear.

Read more: The coronavirus outbreak has essentially been like a lit match being thrown onto labor situations that were already highly volatile.

More Key Industry News and COVID-19 Updates:

Vintage Travel Posters Are Reimagined for Social Distancing

NASA creative designer Jennifer Baer created a series of posters that spin the classic designs seen on vintage travel posters into a constructive message for cabin feverish Americans: “Stay the F* Home.”

three stay at home travel posters

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