SXSW Films Go to Prime Video; Event Marketers Prep for Post-Pandemic: Friday’s First Things First

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SXSW’s 2020 Film Lineup Comes to Amazon Prime Video—for Free

In what may be the best possible way to reach homebound viewers, the South by Southwest film lineup is heading to Amazon Prime Video—for free. As part of a partnership between SXSW festival organizers and Amazon, films that would have initially premiered as part of the 2020 SXSW Film Festival will instead screen digitally on Amazon Prime Video for 10 days beginning later this month.

Read more: The “online film festival” will showcase the films for free for all viewers, even those without a Prime subscription.

More of Today’s Top Coronavirus News

Will Event Marketers Be Prepared for the World That Awaits Them Post-Pandemic?

Experiential marketing pros are hopeful physical events will bounce back in a post-COVID-19 world, and many anticipate Q3 and Q4 of 2020 will be the moment for a resurgence. However, brands, agencies and companies that provide experiential marketing resources could face a permanently changed, shaky landscape once conferences resume, including a lack of staff and resources and a customer base unwilling to attend live events.

Read more: 2021 might be a more realistic option for large, global gatherings. In the meantime, agencies should aim to maintain client relationships during the downtime.

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Marketers Need to Keep an Eye on These Legal Issues When Addressing the Coronavirus

The Association of National Advertisers released a comprehensive legal guide that helps marketers address the bevy of challenges and concerns posed by the ongoing pandemic on brands. The legal guide extensively covers key contract issues because, during this time, brands may want to terminate contracts, delay performance under a contract, or otherwise modify a contract.

Read more: Review some of the key recommendations from the guide.

  • Related: While 40% of Americans think it’s a good thing for brands to find a way to stay relevant amid the coronavirus outbreak, a third feel that marketers should only advertise if they’ve taken direct action to address the situation, according to a new study.

COVID-19 and the Job Market: Brands & Agencies Make Difficult Cutbacks

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