Twitter Details Several Networks of Accounts Removed for Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior

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Twitter provided details on a host of networks of accounts that were removed from its platform for distinct coordinated inauthentic behavior associated with five countries: Egypt, Honduras, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Serbia.

The social network shared the information in a series of tweets.

Twitter removed 2,541 accounts in Egypt-based network El Fagr for amplifying messaging that was critical of Iran, Qatar and Turkey, saying that it received information that the people behind those accounts were taking direction from the Egyptian government.

The social network also discovered 3,104 accounts being accessed from a single Internet-protocol range in Honduras, which were heavily retweeting from the account of President Juan Orlando Hernández. Twitter said a staffer created the fake accounts on the behalf of the government.

Twitter conducted an investigation after a report by research collective Bellingcat and it removed 795 fake accounts that were pushing content from suspicious “news” websites and promoting pro-government content in Indonesia targeting the West Papuan independence movement.

Another network of 5,350 accounts was removed for amplifying content that praised Saudi leadership and was critical of Qatar and Turkish activity in Yemen. It was associated with Saudi Arabia and operated out of multiple countries, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Finally, toward the end of 2019, Twitter removed of 8,558 accounts that were working to promote Serbia’s ruling party and its leader.

The social network said information on all accounts that it removed is available in its information operations archive.

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