Neustar and Partner to Connect Digital and Television Attribution

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Key Insight:

Just as targeting is getting tougher for marketers, two companies are partnering to bridge television and digital attribution.

Neustar, which offers an identity product, and, a TV measurement and attribution vendor, are integrating to give brands a broader view of multitouch attribution that spans digital and all forms of television.

“We’re as close as the industry has ever been for marketers to have a true cross-channel attribution solution that actually works,” said Sean Muller, CEO of, in an interview with Adweek.

However, the winding down of third-party cookies (and the expected rollback of mobile ad IDs) means multitouch attribution providers will be without a core identifier, which undermines their ability to track users across screens.

Both Neustar and say they’re well protected against the eventual loss of third-party cookies. The latter plays in television, both linear and over-the-top, where cookies were never supported. Muller said’s measurement tool is based on a home identifier, such as an IP address.

Neustar does use third-party cookies, but Michael Schoen, senior vice president and general manager of marketing solutions, said the company’s identity data is primarily comprised of offline signals, such as phone numbers and mailing addresses.

Neustar also has direct integrations with walled gardens such as Facebook, Snapchat, Amazon and Pinterest to directly measure media exposures in those environments.

“As the ecosystem now broadly recognizes that there’s a ticking clock on cookies going away, our approach is simply to continue to focus on that same strategy,” Schoen said. “So historically, that approach has really been focused on the walled gardens. Now, that approach is really focused on any significant publisher, so we’re looking to work with any publisher that has the ability to identify some significant core of their customer base and integrate in a way that allows us leverage their own native measurement capability.”

The motivation to join TV and digital attribution mirrors Liveramp’s 2019 acquisition of competitor Data Plus Math. Neustar and have an undisclosed financial agreement in place to divvy up revenue when a deal is made, but according to Muller there are currently no plans to sell the business.

“We’re heads-down focused on growing the business,” he said.

While Neustar is onboarding data into its platform, the company is still working with other TV measurement providers ad hoc depending on clients’ needs.

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