Wildbytes: Clap2Thank

Wildbytes Digital Ad - Clap2Thank
Wildbytes Digital Ad - Clap2Thank
Wildbytes Digital Ad - Clap2Thank

The current situation with COVID-19 is translated into a great effort from everyone to try to prevent the virus from spreading. Society is more united than ever, fighting to keep the number of affected from rising. A movement has started in many countries, where millions of citizens go out to their balconies, windows, and doors to clap and applaud the heroes that are fighting for the lives of everyone else during this coronavirus crisis.

To contribute to this gratitude movement, the innovation agency Wildbytes has created www.clap2thank.com, a game that measures the intensity and quantity of the applause and adds it to a global ranking with the total applause count achieved among all participants. Over 70K claps have been collected in the first few hours and the number keeps increasing, showing how united the world is, to beat this crisis.

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