Linc Pen & Plastics: Life Lines

Like everything, the lockdown around the world in times of COVID-19 has had its own side effects. Though a bit ironic amidst this disaster, but it seems that someone has pressed the refresh button for the earth. And taught us, in a silent yet powerful way, that it’s time to take care of our planet! And preserve and renew our threatened ecological balances.

The rapidly increasing plastic pollution has become one of the most crucial issues of our times. Plastic items take hundreds of years to decompose and in turn, pollutes the air, soil and water. Single use plastic accounts for 40% of the plastic produced every year and has given rise to a ‘throw-away’ culture.

World Earth Day, celebrated on 22nd April every year, inspires millions of people across the globe to take action for the sake of the planet. Pentonic, a brand from the house of Linc, one of the leading manufacturers of writing instruments in India, decided to take a bold stand against plastic pollution this year.

While plastic pollution generally reminds us of plastic bags, bottles, wrappers etc., no one gives a second thought to pens, which contribute majorly towards causing plastic pollution. Linc, in its drive to raise awareness against pollution caused by disposal of pens, partnered with Wunderman Thompson to spread the message of ‘reusing a pen by using a refill’.

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