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As with all industries, the spread of Covid-19 has put strains on all facets of the media industry, including marketing, advertising and editorial teams. As part of an ongoing project, Adweek has solicited stories of those who have been furloughed, laid off or otherwise affected by the pandemic. If you’ve been affected, please consider submitting your story here.

These interviews have been edited for length and clarity.

Joan Michelson

Most recently: Communications consultant and coach

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Adweek: What’s your experience been like during Covid-19?
Gigs canceled, projects put on hold until further notice.

What’s your hope for the media industry post-Covid-19?
Funding will flow again. They will hire me to do stories on the relationship between corporate responsibility and the bottom line, which this crisis is showing to be very important. I also seek to do stories on innovation and the planet.

What is your motivation behind working in the industry? What are some memorable experiences you’ve had during your employment in the media industry?
Sharing stories, perspectives and voices that have not historically been heard, especially women’s; getting important accurate information to the public. I thoroughly enjoy digging for, producing and writing great stories and investigative reporting and interviewing interesting people.

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