Planters’ Mr. Peanut May Have Been Reborn as Baby Nut—But He Won’t Stay That Way Forever

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It’s been a big week for Baby Nut: The legume, a reborn, younger version of Planters’ classic mascot, Mr. Peanut, returned to social media after a two-month hiatus. And he’s come back with a new campaign all about teaching Baby Nut about the world around him.

Upon his return to social media, Baby Nut issued a call to action, asking for children to send in Baby Nut stories that focus on themes that will help Baby Nut learn more about the world. The first story, written by Barrett P., from New York City, is about Baby Nut traveling to the moon, in order to teach him about outer space. Barrett himself narrated the nearly three-minute-long clip.

The idea, according to Maya McDonald, head of social and digital across beverages, snacks and desserts at Kraft Heinz, is to create content that families can enjoy while in quarantine—much like the reading of children’s books that’s become popular on social media in recent weeks.

As adorable as the video may be, it’s also an excellent example of creative advertising at a time when in-person action is severely limited due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The entire video is animated, including illustration. Planters partnered with Silver Spoon, an animation studio, as well as VaynerMedia, the agency that first brought Baby Nut to life during the Super Bowl, to create the video.

“This was a great way to bring this scrappy illustration to life, but use some other animation skills,” McDonald said. “It’s definitely been an interesting reality for production during Covid-19, but we felt like this was a way that we could execute it with an existing partner, and also create a larger content series around it as they look at different themes each week.”

The videos debut on Twitter, the platform where Baby Nut has been the most active since his rebirth. McDonald said that’s because on Twitter, there’s more opportunity to truly bring Baby Nut to life, to “play a lot with his personality and show more dimensionality around him.”

As of now, the plan is four videos in total—next week’s will focus on tigers—but there may be more coming, depending on how things shake out.

And for Baby Nut’s future, McDonald said he won’t remain a baby forever—eventually, he’ll grow back up into the Mr. Peanut we all know and love. (And she wouldn’t say if we’ll see an Adolescent Nut or a Teenage Nut in the meantime.)

“He has the spirit of Mr. Peanut, and he is going to be growing back into his previous form,” she said. “So we have a lot of different fun things on the horizon as he goes back to Mr. Peanut, but we’re definitely enjoying doing some fun things with Baby Nut right now, and you’ll see a lot more Baby Nut in the next few months.”

How long will Baby Nut be with us? McDonald confirms that he’ll be around for at least the next year, “potentially longer,” before growing up back to Mr. Peanut.

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