ACNUR Argentina: 9 years

In the world, there are more than 70.8 million forcibly displaced people, the majority of whom are children. To name just one example, the war in Syria has caused more than 7 million minors to be displaced from their homes, according to data from the UN Refugee Agency (ACNUR).

In order to give visibility to this humanitarian crisis, and on the anniversary of the start of this violent war that has left millions of children in an alarming situation, AnyGivenDay, a creative agency led by Hernán Cerdeiro and Mariano Duhalde, created a new campaign for ACNUR Argentina to raise awareness and funds for this situation.

“It is always important for us to support ACNUR in these initiatives that oversee and collaborate with refugees, but at this particular moment, they need the support of society even more. The war in Syria began 9 years ago, and even more children are being displaced from their homes now. Spreading the work of ACNUR in the country and in the world, is essential for us as communicators,” said Hernán Cerdeiro.

Mariano Duhalde commented: “The challenges that humanity is facing are many. However, it is important not to forget those who have been fighting battles to survive for years. Without question, our responsibility as adults is to safeguard the human rights of children. Through this campaign, we want to touch people’s hearts so that this becomes local actions with global impact, because on its 9th anniversary, there is nothing to celebrate.”

“The emergency in Syria is the worldwide situation that has produced the greatest forced displacement of people today. It is very important to be able to make known what the reality is for those millions of people and why it is so necessary to commit to this cause. We believe that the campaign developed by AnyGivenDay manages to forcefully convey the seriousness of this crisis and the extreme vulnerability of millions of boys and girls in this context,“ said Facundo Funes, Communications Director at ACNUR Argentina.

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