Twitter Creates Endpoint to Allow Study of Public Covid-19 Tweets in Real-Time

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Twitter released a new endpoint into Twitter Developer Labs that will enable approved developers and researchers to study public conversation about Covid-19 in real-time.

Twitter developer platform staff product manager Adam Tornes said in a blog post that use cases for the dataset include:

  • Researching the spread of the disease.
  • Understanding the spread of misinformation.
  • Crisis management, emergency response and communication within communities.
  • Developing machine learning and data tools that can help the scientific community answer key questions.

Twitter created a dedicated application to access the endpoint, with Tornes writing, “The scale of the dataset requires prior experience working with Twitter data and having the necessary infrastructure in place to process, store and analyze the many millions of tweets being generated every day.”

Applicants must be prepared to detail safeguards they will put in place to protect the privacy and safety of users represented within the data.

Tornes said, “This is a unique dataset that covers many tens of millions of tweets daily and offers insight into the evolving global public conversation surrounding an unprecedented crisis. Making this access available for free is one of the most unique and valuable things Twitter can do as the world comes together to protect our communities and seek answers to pressing challenges.”

CEO Jack Dorsey added, “Public conversation can help the world learn faster, solve problems better and realize that we’re all in this together. Facing a devastating global pandemic really brings that, and Twitter’s role, to light.”

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