Verizon Media Expands DSP to Include Omnichannel Inventory

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Verizon Media has expanded the capacity of its demand-side platform (DSP) to now offer premium native ad inventory with targeting and measurement services from within a single unit.

Media buyers using the DSP can now purchase omnichannel inventory, including mobile, display, video, CTV, audio and digital out of home in addition to native advertising units within a single dashboard.

The expansion of the DSP’s functionality now means that it has exclusive access to native ad inventory from Verizon Media’s owned and operated properties such as Yahoo, Huffington Post and TechCrunch.

Formerly, advertisers would have to use separate services to plan, execute and measure the performance of campaigns on Verizon’s premium and native ad inventory. This level of fragmentation meant the process of purchasing the different inventory types and then measuring their success could prove laborious, according to Iván Markman, chief business officer at Verizon Media.

“The Verizon Media native [ad] experience was separate from the programmatic capabilities in our DSP,” he said. “Now both are one, and this includes a lot more consistency [campaign] planning and measurement and attribution. Over the last few quarters, we’ve looked at bringing more transparency and insights to our DSP.”

Markman went on to state how improving the efficiency of campaign tools was increasingly important, especially in an era when many media agencies undergo a hiring freeze, if not implement headcount cutbacks.

“You can now do more with less,” he said. “Sometimes you’d have seven different platforms for things like digital out of home and native then display. Many of our clients have unfortunately had to furlough some team members or lay off their workforces. This helps with performance.”

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