Triodos Bank: Reset The Economy

Triodos Bank calls for a big reset of the economy. A new campaign by Dawn shows that people can now decide what the economy will be like The economy needs a reset, according to the sustainable bank, which calls to reinvent the economy. If money starts rolling again, let’s decide which way. Not to a few, but to all of us. There are flaws in the economy as we know it. It exhausts the earth and unfairly distributes wealth. That’s becoming painfully visible now. Because When everything changes, you learn what really matters. The people around you. Where you live. How you can help. These are the values that our economy should revolve around. That is why Triodos Bank is launching a new campaign developed by Dawn in which the bank links its mission to current times. In the kick-off film we show how life will slowly start up again and that people can determine what the economy will look like. As a society, do we choose an economy that works for a few or an economy that works for all of us?The content platform bridges the gap between the bank’s vision and the world of its public. It answers the question of how we want the economy to look. In addition, there are longreads from Triodos’ top economists about the role of the government in the areas of climate and emergency aid, the downside of globalisation and the importance of a resilient economy.

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