Playboy: The Playboy Take on Social Distancing

Practice Safe Six with Playboy!
1. Wash Before and After – Proper Hygiene helps flatten the curve. Scrub for at least 20 seconds at a time, every time.
2. Wear Protection – Stop the spread of socially transmitted infection. Wear a mask and gloves, when appropriate.
3. Limit Your Social Partners – What you do in private is your business. But on essential business, try to keep your encounters to a minimum.
4. Ask Permission – Boundaries are more important now than ever. Make sure it’s okay before you enter someone’s personal space.
5. Communicate – If you’ve come in contact with COVID-19, tell loved ones and self-isolate.
6. Abstain (not sexually) – Going without isn’t our style, but neither is COVID-19. Resist urges to be socially active so we can all be back together.

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