Ria: Vagina promises

Ria Digital Ad - Vagina promises

The Czech brand of feminine hygiene products Ria has been fighting against feminine taboos for many years. Its latest campaign, Vagina Promises, was made to address the fact that studies show that young women are not familiar with their own genitals, and are often even ashamed of them. This leads to low self-esteem and potentially, problems in their sex lives, but it also influences their attitude towards health care and feminine hygiene. Almost half of all Czech women don’t visit the OBGYN, although regular visits are covered by general insurance in the Czech Republic. Vagina Promises encourages young women to accept their bodies, love them the way they are, and take better care of themselves. In cooperation with Loono, a respected Czech NGO focusing on preventive healthcare, the campaign gives women information about their genitals and educates them in a friendly and engaging way.

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