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Amazon Rushes to Remove Shirts That Appeared After Trump Told Extremist Group to ‘Stand By’

Within hours of the year's first nationally televised presidential debate on Tuesday night, T-shirts with the words, "Stand back, stand by," and the Proud Boys

Twitter Sets Goals for 2025: 25% of U.S. Workforce Underrepresented Minorities, 10% Blacks

Twitter released its September 2020 Inclusion & Diversity Report Wednesday, detailing its progress toward meeting its new 2025 representation commitments, as well as examining the

Why Schwinn Canceled Its 2020 Marketing in the Middle of Its 125th Anniversary

The bike industry has seen a spike in engagement over the past few months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, even as other industries struggle. As

Messenger From Facebook Features to Be Integrated Into Instagram Direct

The plans Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg initially revealed in January 2019 to integrate the messaging services of Instagram, Messenger From Facebook and WhatsApp took a

CEO of Casanova//McCann Buys Agency From IPG

IPG is continuing to shed agencies. Ingrid Otero-Smart, the president and CEO of Casanova//McCann, has bought a majority stake in the Hispanic and multicultural agency.

Q&A: R/GA Founder Bob Greenberg on the Agency’s Latest Reinvention

IPG's R/GA finds itself at a crossroads as it heads into its latest reinvention and responds to a series of senior leadership departures. The agency

Facebook’s Critics Demand Changes Ahead of the Election

After a summer of extra attention on how social media platforms handle moderating content, Facebook revealed new details about how it will operate its oversight

American, United and JetBlue Roll Out Rapid Covid-19 Testing to Put Travelers at Ease

First it was the cleaning partnerships. Then it was eliminating change fees. Now airlines, always jockeying to be first out of the gate with fresh

Ferris Bueller’s Car Theft Attempt Is Thwarted in This New LiftMaster Spot

Back in the 1980s, when Ferris Bueller played hooky from a day of high school and proceeded to steal Cameron Frye's dad's prized Ferrari, the

Can You Hear These KFC Ads by Just Looking at Them?

KFC wants consumers to begin associating the reverberant bang of marching band drums and the pop-pop-pop of balloons with its crispy (and Extra Crispy chicken).