Day: September 4, 2020

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Virgin Invites Locals to Test Out Its New Nashville Hotel by Accomplishing ‘Firsts’

No one's suggesting that visitors to the new Virgin hotel in Nashville should act like rock stars, circa 1969, tossing TVs off balconies, smashing plate-glass

How Phenomenal Became a Leading Social Impact Apparel Brand

Meena Harris, like many American women, was driven to action after the 2016 election. "I found myself wondering what I personally could do to lift

Asda: That’s Asda Price

The TV ad stars real-life family Sunny, Amy and their three kids. We follow Sunny and the rest of the family as they share their

Global CMO Suzy Deering Is Leaving eBay After Nearly 5 Years

After almost five years with eBay, first as chief marketing officer for North America and then as vp and global CMO, Suzy Deering is leaving

Stream This Song to Help Save Bars and Clubs, Thanks to Crown Royal

Key Insight: During the pandemic, brands have been lending financial support to establishments crucial to their business model. Crown Royal plans to give back to

Kentucky Derby Horse or Ad Agency: Can You Tell the Difference?

Ahead of the Kentucky Derby each year, Adweek takes to the streets of New York to quiz random people about whether they can tell whether

ESPN and Celine Dion Capture the Mood of a Nation Yearning for Football

Sports fans haven't had many reasons for excitement in 2020, with several keystone events canceled and seasons delayed. Even when sports like basketball have seemed

Agencies Are Strengthening Their Ecommerce Chops, Including VMLY&R and Horizon Media

A slew of agencies have inked a partnership with Profitero, a performance analytics firm that helps brands, particularly ones in the CPG space, optimize ad

Road to Brandweek: General Mills’ Brad Hiranaga Says Consumers Have Higher Expectations of Brands Now

Key insight: The pandemic has highlighted consumers' desire for brands to add value and show a human interest. It's a good time to be in

Disney+ Tests Out a Bold Pandemic Experiment With Mulan

Mulan, the live-action remake of the 1998 animated Disney classic, arrives on Disney+ today, marking the beginning of an experiment from the company to see