Day: September 6, 2020

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Penguin: Penguin Recaps

Busy times bring dizzy minds and fuzzy storylines. When life won't let you read your book in one shot and getting back into it seems

JK&O: Am I A Rapist

A two-pronged personality test that serves the obvious purpose of letting participants know if they are rapists, rape apologists, or none while indirectly educating them

VLK: Sign for the forests

Large-scale deforestation is a pressing issue in Slovakia. VLK (Wolf) is a non-governmental environmental organization that fights for the preservation of natural forests. Their philosophy

The French Red Cross: #PLSChallenge

France aims to train 80% of French people in first aid within 10 years. To reach this objective, more and more young people are being

VisionAd: Advertise here

A new campaign to help reinvigorate outdoor ad spend. The work for Greater Manchester based VisionAd aims to remind people how powerful outdoor can be,

Huuto: Have Mercy on Our Planet

We live in a world where more and more goods are produced faster than ever before, and our shopping habits will soon suck the life

Lincoln Tech: The Next Greatest Generation

Utilizing heroic images early- and mid-20th Century posters that served to rally the country and allayed fears during war and other uncertain times, the spot

Clue: The Tampon Bus

Periods and busses have one thing in common. You would like to know when they're coming. With the app Clue, you can track your period

Bisk Farm / Heylo: Start a Conversation with 'Heylo'

As we spend our life immersed into our cellphones and other devices, the world too, turns away from us. It's only when we open our

Correio da Bahia Newspaper: There's no reason

Since the mandatory use of masks was implemented because of the pandemic, what is seen in Brazil is a total disregard for the law by