Day: September 14, 2020

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How Brands and Agencies Are Trying to Increase Voter Turnout This Year

Key Insights: This election marks a shift away from humor used during the 2016 election to a more serious push to register people to vote.

Ghost Kitchens Have Their Moment Amid the Pandemic

Key Insights: Even before the pandemic, takeout was the fastest-growing component for restaurants. Building out of an eatery's physical location doesn't always mean there will

Sports Leagues Are Teaming Up With Brands to Bring Digital Experiences to Fans

Key Insights: In a pandemic, tracking ROI isn't an exact science, so marketers need to get creative. Brands don't always need to buy inventory. Sometimes

How Clorox Took Over the Cleaning World and Became a Household Staple

Last month, the Harris Poll surveyed 34,000 American consumers and asked which companies enjoyed the best reputation with them. Skulking at the bottom of the

The Working-Class Kid From Liverpool Who Changed the Gay Media World

The first of his working-class Liverpool family to attend college, Josh Fletcher felt out of place as a young gay man without many clear examples

3 Ways Brands and Marketers Will Be Forever Changed by 2020

Key Insights Embrace the moment and learn from it for future challenges. Traits like listening and empathy are vital now. Clarity of purpose helps brands

3 Ways P&G’s Marc Pritchard Encourages Marketers to Confront Inequality

Key Insights: Hiring a diverse staff is both good for people and business. Structural problems require structural solutions. Exposure to different people in ads helps

These Offbeat British Ads Perfectly Capture the Annoyance of Overly Cautious Homeowners

If you've just decorated your home--or are just particularly proud of your home-then this campaign by British high-end paint brand Farrow & Ball might be

Keisha Lance Bottoms on Leading a Major City Through a Year of Crisis

The traditional model of leadership is one that doesn't show weakness. But a new kind of leader is emerging for a new era: a leader

Can YouTube Shorts Help the Original Video-Sharing Site Ride the TikTok Wave?

The original video-sharing site finally jumped on the latest video-sharing trend with Monday's introduction of YouTube Shorts, which lets people create videos of up to